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Daniel Arsham unveils rare Blue Box sculptures for Tiffany & Co

By on September 9, 2021 0

After having transmitted his aesthetic to Dior and Rimowa creations, the American artist Daniel Arsham is now tackling jewelry through his new collaboration with Tiffany & Co.

The partnership, which has been teased through ads around New York City, centers around a new sculpture created by Arsham. Dubbed the “Tiffany Blue Box in Eroded Bronze,” the artwork represents Arsham’s reinvention of the iconic American luxury brand’s Blue Box as a relic found in the distant future. It features a custom hand-finished patina, with pieces of bronze sticking out from its worn facade.

“I wanted to give the Blue Box that distressing quality to represent how part of our world it is today and how it will continue to be relevant decades, if not centuries,” said the artist, who has already created archeology. – versions inspired by the Rimowa luggage bag and the Dior Saddle bag.

Artist Daniel Arsham with his limited edition sculptures. (Photo credit: Tiffany & Co)

Arsham’s use of bronze is a nod to Tiffany & Co.’s artisanal techniques, which he discovered in the New York brand’s archives. “I have a deep knowledge of the materials, the techniques, the innovations that are fully exhibited there,” he said. “Casting bronze, carving metal, it’s a profession that I know well. When you see some of the works there and the level of detail that went into those pieces, the designs; it’s fascinating.”

Only 49 pieces of the sculpture have been made, and each opens to reveal a limited edition Tiffany Knot x Arsham Studio bracelet. Crafted from 18k white gold, the bracelet is hand set with diamonds and tsavorite, the vibrant green gemstone that Tiffany & Co. introduced to the world in 1974. The design of the bracelet, however, is more recent. . It is part of the new Tiffany Knot collection, which was unveiled last month through a campaign featuring The Queen’s Gambit star, Anya Taylor-Joy.

The collaboration with Daniel Arsham is another example of Tiffany & Co. taking on new leadership, following its acquisition by LVMH. Now led by Creative Director Ruba Abu-Nimah, the historic jewelry brand has made culture and art a bigger part of its universe. Last month, he launched a campaign featuring his latest ambassadors, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, as well as a rare painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

This painting is now on display at the Tiffany Flagship in New York. Starting September 9, the store will also feature the Daniel Arsham x Tiffany & Co. collaboration in addition to showcasing a full-scale installation of Arsham’s work for collectors and customers. The rest of us can take a closer look through the images below.

(Photo credit: Tiffany & Co)
(Photo credit: Tiffany & Co)
The limited edition Tiffany Knot x Arsham Studio bracelet (Photo credit: @tiffanyandco / Instagram)

Header photo credit: Tiffany & Co.

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