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New Exhibition: Ethereal Willow Sculptures by Martha Bird

By on November 16, 2021 0

Photos courtesy of Susan Hensel Gallery

Artist Susan Hensel opened her eponymous gallery in 2004 as an exhibition space and workplace in which she could create her unique work on a small and large scale. multidisciplinary textile work. Today, however, the Susan Hensel Gallery is uniquely her studio, where the artist runs a showcase gallery – called the Windows on Cedar Project – where she exhibits new works by emerging artists from Twin Cities.

Hensel is also a curator of exhibitions that she presents on Artsy.net. Its current exhibition, “Body work” features exquisite and airy sculptures created by the Minneapolis artist Martha bird. A public health nurse, Bird integrates her life experience and research into her art. Using traditional basketry techniques, she mainly works with willow, which she cultivates and harvests in a sustainable way. The exhibition runs from November 15, 2021 to January 15, 2022, on Artsy.net.

Bird’s work, says Hensel, “takes up the utilitarian practice of weaving fiber to tell stories about bodies, sometimes painful, sometimes weak, but never broken, always resilient. The show features Bird’s well-known spiral shapes, which mimic organic geometry. His sculptural objects also examine personal experiences of trauma and disability. (Bird suffered a debilitating injury that led to two years of bed rest, then reappeared as an artist.)

Bird’s work has been collected by the Newark-Arcadia History Center, the Minnesota History Center, and the National Cause Based Art Program. She has received several grants from the Minnesota State Art Board. She is also an arts advocate, teacher, writer, arts organizer, curator and presenter.

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