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  • The Atelier JI & Remi Rough collaborative print series ‘Style Writer Extraordinaire’ is now available.

The Atelier JI & Remi Rough collaborative print series ‘Style Writer Extraordinaire’ is now available.

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Extraordinary style writer is the first collaborative project between Atelier JI and visual artist Remi Rough. The print is the result of Rough’s residency with Atelier JI, where the artist created original artwork for the new print. Printed from three plates, in four colors, the etching is available in a very limited edition of 25. In addition, the artist has created 7 unique monoprints, each with their own distinct colourway.

Remi Rough is an abstract painter whose work is rooted in the history of stylistic writing, Suprematism, and Abstract Impressionism while also nodding to the future of Modernist painting. He has exhibited his bold and colorful abstract compositions around the world and left a legacy of large-scale murals in his wake. His works have been exhibited at the Art Science Museum in Singapore, MOCA in London, and the Mohammed VI Museum in Rabat, Morocco. With commissions for Art Basel Hong Kong, Pride NYC and the Marrakech Biennale, his work can be found all over the world. Remi was born in South London in 1971 where he still lives and works today.

Paper 445 mm x 340 mm / Image 198 mm x 280 mm Edition of 25 (plus 7 unique one-prints)
4-color engraving on Somerset Satin 300gsm Signed and numbered, edited by Atelier Ji.




Marc Westall

Mark Westall is the founder and editor-in-chief of FAD magazine Founder and co-editor of Art of Conversation and founder of the @worldoffad platform

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